Well it is when it comes down to getting your showreel edited. There’s a lot of talk about Final Cut Pro, Avid etc. but it’s not what your showreel get’s edited on but who edits it and how it’s edited.

There’s a lot of showreel editing companies out there but do they have the experience and the knowledge of what’s best for you and your showreel? In a lot of cases, probably not as they haven’t being doing it as long as we have. What’s really important is the advice you should be given on what scenes to use, how long should they be, do they feature you or the other actors in the scenes, what order should they be in, do you need a montage etc., – that’s what really matters.

At The Reel Deal, that’s the kind of advice we offer – just have a look at the Testimonials page. We may not be the cheapest – but we think we’re the best with nearly 12 years experience editing showreels – and handing out advice!

We know that getting your showreel edited can seem a bit daunting but when you come in we’ll put you at your ease because we believe that producing a showreel is 40% editing, 40% advice and 20% therapy – and we make a mean cup of tea!

So if you want a top quality, professional showreel go to the Contact Us page and get in touch – we’d love to help you produce the most powerful marketing tool an actor can have.